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We get it...it's more then "Your Logo" here!  You have choices. Many companies can sell you a key chain, T-shirt or pen...we can to! With over 1,000,000 Domestic and International product sources in our extensive data base we will guide you in the selection process of finding the perfect branded item. How do we do this? Elementary - with our diagnostic approach we first analyze your Distribution and Budget. Next we consider your Image, Brand, and Message. Then we factor in Demographics, Quality and Time...

24/7/365 our online catalog is available for you.  We believe in the concept of under-promising and over-delivering. We will never promise something we can't deliver. We will email you a virtual picture of your selected item with your logo. If there is a potential problem ( out of stock, promotional item is not the same as you ordered, lead time, price discrepancy ) don't worry...we will provide you with options to resolve the issue. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Including reprinting your order or an agreed upon refund.

Why Promotional Products Marketing,etc?  We do everything for you...

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